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Jul 302014
Blackberry Protect; Find Your Lost Blackberry!

RIM rolled out a new software application last week for Blackberry Owners. They called it Blackberry Protect. It’s simple really. You download the app from App world and login with your Blackberry username and password. The application then automatically backs up your data every week to the Blackberry server incase you loose all your data. But that’s not all! It also tracks your Blackberry, so if you ever loose it, you can find out where it is, aslong as it has a data connection. But what if someone takes out the sim? Or turns your phone off? You can then [Read More]

Jul 292014
How To Install Blackberry Themes, Games & Apps!

There are 4 ways of installing a theme, game or app to your Blackberry. The most popular method, ofcourse, is through the Blackberry App World. Most apps on the app world do cost money, and downloading a handful and apps can really run up your bill! The second method used to download apps is directly online, also known as OTA. This method is simple. On some websites, like this one, you will be prompted to download directly to your phone. This is simply done by hitting the download button and allowing the download to start. That’s it! The third method [Read More]

Jul 292014
HOW TO Check What OS You Have

The quickest way of checking what OS your Blackberry device is running. Easy to follow tutorial with tips. Broken down, step by step!

Jul 282014
Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 Review!

A brief review of the highly anticipated Blackberry Bold Touch 9900. QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen and 5MP HD camera; but will it be enough?

Jul 282014
Top 20 Blackberry Hotkey Shortcuts! Must Read For All Blackberry Owners!

Whilst working with Blackberrys, I’ve come across many hotkey shortcuts that are very effective for day-to-day use or simply great to play with. I’ve narrowed this selection down to 20 and put them up so you all can learn 20 of the best hotkey shortcuts for your Blackberry devices!

Jul 272014
Blackberry Messenger To Come To iPhone & Android!?

This is news that will shock Blackberry owners worldwide, but a new report today claims that the Candian smartphone-giant, RIM, is working on new plans to bring the popular Blackberry Messenger service to users of both Android and iOS devices! According to a report by BGR; Research In Motion is looking at the recent success of copycat services such as PingChat and clearly feels that it should create a cross-platform instant messaging service. “According to our sources, Research In Motion has not yet finalized details surrounding timing or pricing, but we have heard that the company might make the software [Read More]

Jul 272014
Blackberry App: Loudtalks Push-To-Talk Turns Your Blackberry Into A Walkie Talkie

Loudtalks Push-To-Talk is specifically made with the Blackberry handheld in mind. The application packs features like no other, including the ability to talk to upto 100 participants; one-touch message sending with 1 second call setup time; connection to multiple platform users; user accounts and much, much more!

Jul 262014
SPONSORED: 80% Discount On Email++ For Blackberry!

Earlier, we ran a giveaway for the amazing Email++ application for the Blackberry. In short, it utilizes the email capabilities for your device, adds shortcuts and enhances your control over your emails. For a limited time only Devcellent Solutions is offering its premium Email++ app at 80% discount!

Jul 262014
What Is Blackberry?

Ten years ago, the only Blackberry you would have known about is the small berry, defined as black because of it’s dark purple colour. But this is the 21st Centuary right? Now, a Blackberry is more commonly used to refer to the smartphone device by RIM (Research In Motion). It has recently gained popularity (since 2007) for it’s unqie Blackberry Messenger Service which enables users to instant message each other in real time. Some are critical towards ‘berry’s for their lack of features, specifications; and the fact they break every three months. Users and abusers both complain about their device, [Read More]

Jul 252014
How To Speed Up Your Blackberry, No Downloads Etc!

Not a lot of people are aware of this… If you’re Blackberry is moving slow, there’s a quick and easy way to immediately speed it up, just follow the steps below. 1. Go to your home screen 2. Hold down the ALT key 3. Type ‘LGLG’ 4. A new windows should appear. Press the menu key.¬†Select clear log. There you go! Believe me it works! Why does it work? What does it do? Your blackberry records all of the processes it carries out. Most of these recordings are useless and are usually used to diagnose a problem. Unless your Blackberry [Read More]

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